[YGO: TAS] Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town

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Marik and Bakura chatting about their plans while inside Bakura's mind in episode 79

Little Kuriboh’s real talent lies in his ability to put the pen to the paper and turn out witty and engaging writings. This was true even before he was making wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged videos. The writing that has built up the YGOTAS world, and not the funny voices or crazy references, is arguably why the series has seen so much success for nearly five years and counting. Not surprisingly, LK has an account on FanFiction.net, but his writings have taken a backseat to his other works in recent times.

A month ago, however, I was delighted to see that Little Kuriboh had begun a new writing project: a fanfic for charity! This, however, would not be an ordinary fic. It would be a Thiefshipping fic titled Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town, delighting the legions of Marik Ishtar x Yami Bakura fangirls. Listeners of Wha-Chow! will recognize “Censored Town” as a haunt for Wailords and other monstrosities.

While it was originally only supposed to have 11,500 words, the fic swelled up into a solid but shameful 24,000-word, M-rated masterpiece when the final chapter was released yesterday afternoon. With reviews calling LK “the king of smut” and cheers of “BEST. FANFICTION. EVER,” “ALL OF THIS IS CANON,” and “absolutely delicious,” how can you do anything but check it out?

Anime Conventions

In other recent news, SMASH!, an anime and manga convention in Sydney, Australia, has announced that Little Kuriboh will be a guest at its July 16 event! Yay! We haven’t heard about LK’s invitations to an anime con in quite a while now! LK says that he hopes to have both a new YGOTAS and Naruto Spoof video ready in time for the con. Episode 7 of NTACFSSS, in the meantime, will be ready sometime this month, he adds.

LK also mentioned that he will not be attending AnimeNEXT in New Jersey later next week, though he teases that he “may be there in some shape or form.” It would be pretty exciting if he could do a call-in as he did in 2009!

More YouTube Woes: CardGamesFTW and Ninjabridge Terminated

And lastly, both Little Kuriboh’s CardGamesFTW and Ninjabridge YouTube accounts have fallen. Sigh. CardGamesFTW took a hit last Thursday and was terminated two days ago. Ninjabridge was knocked out yesterday. CardGamesFTW received copyright infringement claims from Nihon Ad Systems, Inc. (NAS), while Ninjabridge received them from both NAS and TV Tokyo. Both channels had also been hit with strikes late in April when several Yu-Gi-Oh!-related videos were yanked. LK says that he will remove those offending videos from Ninjabridge when the account returns.

This is now the fourth time CardGamesFTW has been given the boot from YouTube and the sixth time in total that LK’s primary account has been banned. Ninjabridge, on the other hand, was terminated for the first time.

There’s really nothing more to say about these sad incidents that I haven’t already explained in the past, so check one of those many posts about the subject matter if you’re interested in why this happens, how LK resolves the issue, and what you could do in the meantime if you need your YGOTAS or NTACFSSS fix.

Update: Oh, Little Kuriboh will be at AVCon in Adelaide, Australia, too! The organizers are still raising money to try to recoup some of LK’s travel and accommodation costs, so give them a hand if you’ll be attending and want to meet the man himself! The con will run from July 22 to 24.


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  1. Honestly, are you even surprised that his account got terminated again?

  2. No, not really. Since the videos were being taken down gradually, it was only a matter of time before the accounts themselves would be deleted.

  3. Didn’t little kurriboh get his account deleted more recently?

  4. Yup. It happened shortly after he uploaded that “Afro Circus” video, so I added a note about it in that post. Even though the account termination was terrible, I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. It’s like the Internet gods knew of the horrors of “Afro Circus” and smote him for the creating the video. The account is back already though.

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