Card Games For Charity #4 – Aftermath

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Screenshot from LK's Card Games For Charity 4 - Final Total video
I wonder if British tax laws allow LK to write this off.

A big congratulations goes to Little Kuriboh, whose fourth installment of the Card Games For Charity event raised an astronomical $11,809.88 for the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief fund! This grand total towers above the earnings from the previous Card Games For Charity events.

Donations for LK’s one-shot video raised over $3,000 in and of themselves, with Neon Genesis Evangelion earning the most number of votes. InuYasha, Tenchi Muyo, Animal Crossing: The Movie, and Riding Bean followed in the rankings.

And because the total amount of money raised exceeds $3,000, Little Kuriboh will also be making a one-shot parody of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, which he says will be coming out in the next month or so.

Cheers to all of the individuals who contributed money to LK’s event or who donated to charitable organizations directly.

Jeers to the person who won the “Riding Duel, Acceleration” print for $530, then backed out. How could you? This was for charity! It’s too bad Little Kuriboh doesn’t want to release the bidder’s name, otherwise we could all add him to our blocked bidders list. I hope LK at least went through eBay’s unpaid item process so he recoups some of his fees and the bidder gets a strike against his account.

LK has relisted the “Riding Duel, Acceleration” print, and is also highlighting ShadyVox’s charity auction for the Sacred Beasts cards. Both auctions end in about seven days.

LK talks all about this event and also gives a special, promised performance in his latest video on YouTube.

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