[YGO: TAS] Death and Rebirth: CardGamesFTW Returns Once Again

April 12, 2011 at 4:20 am | Posted in Other Stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series | Leave a comment
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Joey cheering as Kaiba apparently gets the upper hand in a duel against Noah in episode 115

CardGamesFTW is back! The return of Little Kuriboh’s main YouTube account earlier last night marks the third time the account has been restored. Let’s hope it stays up for good! (It would be nice if the account actually lasted for longer than two weeks. Sheesh.) Just like the previous times it’s been restored, CardGamesFTW is still missing a few videos from its library. No doubt LK will continue to fight to have these brought back.

I wonder if LK has ever considered filing a counter-notification to have his original YouTube channel, LittleKuriboh, revived. Back when it was killed off, YouTube didn’t offer its users an easily accessible way of countering video and account takedowns when it came to accusations of copyright infringement. Users who believed their accounts were wrongfully suspended were often just stuck with it.

Since then however, YouTube has made it easier to fight off questionable takedowns and account terminations, so we are fortunate enough to see CardGamesFTW return time and time again. Of course, they’ve also made it easier for intellectual property owners to pull allegedly infringing videos, which is why we have the misfortune of seeing CardGamesFTW banned time and time again.

Little Kuriboh’s YouTube Account: Terminated. For the Fifth Time.

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