Card Games For Charity #4 – Unite to Support the Japanese Tsunami Relief Effort, Part 2

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A Dark Magician card autographed by Dan Green and a Stardust Dragon card autographed by Greg Abbey

He’s not done yet! Little Kuriboh’s Card Games For Charity auctions are set to end in about three days, but several new great items have just hit the block!

The best of this bunch are easily the Dark Magician card (PCY-004) signed by Yugi Muto’s voice actor Dan Green, along with the Stardust Dragon card (GLD3-EN037) signed by Greg Abbey, the voice of Yusei Fudo. Wow! How much will these sell for?

The remaining eBay auctions are as follows:

All of these new auctions close in about three days as well.

According to Little Kuriboh, the eBay auctions have together raised over $4,000. The auction for the Unity card and guest appearance on YGOTAS has had over 12,000 views and is edging towards $2,000! Meanwhile, the one-shot parody has gathered over $1,000 in donations, with InuYasha and Tenchi Muyo in the lead. Check out LK’s newest video on YouTube for all the details, and don’t forget to support the cause! Proceeds from LK’s event will go to the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief fund. You can also donate to any number of other great organizations directly.

Card Games For Charity #4, Part 1

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