[YGO: TAS] Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako

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Screenshot from YGOTAS episode 6, Everybody Loves Mako
Change? That’s what’s happening now!

At a certain time every year, it seems like Little Kuriboh always gets frustrated enough with Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series that he decides to abandon it for something new. Today, let’s take a quick look back at these events.

In 2008, Little Kuriboh raised a colossal ruckus after releasing “The Final Abridged Video Ever” and leaving the world of YGOTAS behind to work on Zorc & Pals instead. The sitcom, however, would ultimately be canceled, with Zorc moving on to more ambitious projects.

Then, in 2009, LK again quit working on YGOTAS for the now greatly extolled Naruto Abridged Spoof, a project that would actually grow and spawn some entertaining and troll-errific stuff.

And who can forget the “Brand New Abridged Series” from last year? If LK had not again ditched YGOTAS for One Piece: The Abridged Series, Bleach Kage Abridged, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: The Abridged Series, we would have never gotten that now infamous catchphrase. You know the one. The one that even crossed over into the official Yu-Gi-Oh! world. By the end of that video however, Naruto was all up in arms: “Oh, come on! That’s just ridiculous! I mean, this happened three years in a row now!”

Naruto’s right. Why does this keep happening? And it’s always around this time of year, too! I would honestly not be at all surprised if Little Kuriboh canceled his show again any day now. Look, here’s the announcement right now! Here… Here it is… Uhh… Oh?

Well now, looks like it’s the fans who have grown tired of Little Kuriboh! LK has been banned from his favorite LiveJournal community! The revered Yu-Gi-Oh! community, Play The Damn Card, Already!, has had enough of his antics and has given him the boot! Ha. I knew his egotistical attitude would be his downfall! LK won’t have any of it though. He’s written a script that parodies the community (fund it!). You know, to insult them and stuff.

Oh yeah, there are new videos, too! First up is a new YGOTAS episode: Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! It’s got Mako Tsunami, British Yugi, return of the Hair Guy, and lots of Gorgonzola cheese and the world’s finest wiiiiine.

Speaking of wine, to see something that is definitely not a joke (it was uploaded yesterday!), check out Turkey Legs’ interview with James Bruxton, the creator of the celebrated “Pokemon abriged episode a.” I don’t know the back story behind this, but wow, that’s crazy! How did LK stay in character the whole time? For more laughs, have a look at the conversations that James Bruxton had with Chicknwings, LK, and takahata101. They’re more hilarious than Pokemon abriged itself.

And finally, there’s the new “Naruto Spoof Audio Commentary Special,” where the Dangerous Box talks about 4Kids, Vulcans, poking, and socks, among other things. At one point, I think the Dangerous Box also starts speaking in Dutch.

(By the way, the YGOTAS episode is also available for download. I’ve listed it under the “Select Special/Bonus Videos” section as “Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako (April Fools’ Day 2011)” so no one gets confused.)


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  1. Hahaaaa it appeared in the RSS, but I didn’t watch it.
    I thought it was a mistake.

    The best april 1st joke ever!

  2. I’m sure you weren’t the only one. ;D

  3. If he cancelled his show now, he would make a lot of enemies on Twitter. He tweeted on March 31st (and i quote) ‘I’d also like to announce that episode 52 “Seto Kaiba vs. the world” will be out April 30th.’
    I never really pay attention to release dates so far away because anything can happen a during that time and extend the release date but it has been announced. He’s even released a promo pic. http://i52.tinypic.com/312ww10.png

  4. I’m confused by the apparent seriousness of your comment. Are you aware that each of those “cancelations” had taken place on April Fools’ Day, and that I wrote this post on — gasp! — April Fools’ Day? It’s mind-blowing, I know! I’ve also already written about the release date he Tweeted. Gotta keep up!

  5. Ha ha ha! I already noticed that when I posted ;D. Thought I’d play along and help out with this prank… It’s boring down here in Australia. You usually only get the pranks on the internet from America on the morning of April 2nd because we’re ahead on the timezone. It didn’t help I missed all of the fun because I wasn’t home on the 2nd. Happy belated April’s fools day to you too.

  6. Should probably explain to the confused. By the time I recieve the majority of posts for April fools, It’s April 2nd. The ones that set up the prank have already announced that it was a prank so all the fun is gone and the only thing you can do is read through the comments posted by the April fools. I was a bit disappointed that there was no real prank on this website with this being the closest, so I decided to portray a perfect fool and post a serious comment. I make a very convincing fool don’t I? I’m impressed with myself. Zero experience, April fools day isn’t all too big here. Yeah I know it’s late but what can you do? You can get a bit bored just spectating through this fun time of year. I nominate an April fools week so the world can enjoy it together and the pranks are less expected.

  7. Well, you got me! And wow, it must be awful to wake up to a bunch of jokes on April 2. I read some commentary the other day about how the Internet and social media have ruined the set up and delivery of April Fools’ Day jokes. I’ve never been big into April Fools’, which is why I don’t post my own jokes. But looking at your situation, I can completely see how the Internet has diminished the excitement of it all for both the jokesters and the recipients.

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