[YGO: TAS] Catching Up & Looking Ahead: Kaiba’s Winning, Concrete Giraffes 2, & More

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon blood #KaibasWinning
“Screw the rules, I’m bi-winning!”

Little Kuriboh has released a string of great videos in the past few days! Let’s take a look at some of the ones I haven’t written about.

First up is “Kaiba’s Winning,” uploaded on Tuesday. The video is LK’s impromptu response to the news of the lawsuit against 4Kids that broke earlier that day. The video and the new catchphrases that it has given birth to are only made possible thanks to some great #KaibasWinning lines he received over Twitter. Who here is on SETO FREAKIN’ KAIBA?

Also new are “Marik Orders A Kedaaah,” released on March 22, and “Joey Calls A Brooklyn Pizza Place,” released yesterday. These prank phone calls are just two of an ever-growing series that he’s performed during his live streams. If you want to hear more, check out his recorded videos on blogTV.

LK also uploaded “TELL ME!” on March 15, a witty YouTube-poop-esque short in the same vein as his previous “Snot Him!” video. Unfortunately, as it was uploaded only to CardGamesFTW, it is currently unavailable.

Of these new videos, only “Prank Call – Marik Orders A Kedaaah” is available for download via Blip.tv.

Whew! So what’s going to be Little Kuriboh’s next big project? LK has recently talked about making a sequel to his much-loved “Concrete Giraffes” video. After receiving a roaring response from fans, he created and outlined the plot to the story.

In yesterday evening’s live stream, LK revealed that he had sent the outline to TribeTwelve, Marble Hornets, and EMH — the biggest players in the Slender Man mythos — and that all three are interested in his project! Whoa! This could be huge, folks! LK wants to begin hyping the new video as if it were a real sequel to a blockbuster and is looking for artists to create Concrete Giraffes 2 movie posters. If you have a knack for art and want to play a role in LK’s new project, get involved! Your posters can be based off the designs of real movie posters or can be something completely original. LK will compile and make a new video featuring all of the Concrete Giraffes 2 posters that he receives in anticipation of the sequel!

Earlier this month, Little Kuriboh had also discussed organizing some kind of fundraising event to help the victims of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. At the time, his main YouTube channel had been terminated and he wanted to wait for its return before starting things up rather than use Ninjabridge, which contains a few distasteful videos. Once it did return however, LK was preoccupied with finishing the newest YGOTAS episode. And now… well, you know

Currently, there’s no word whether LK will still be green-lighting a fundraising event. I really hope he does before news of the catastrophe goes out of sight and out of mind, but it sounds like he’s simply had too much on his plate recently.

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