[YGO: TAS] Literal Pants

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Marik and Bakura in a part of the Leather Pants video that encourages yaoi fantasies

We want your pants! Not figuratively — literally! Yes, he’s talked about doing something like this before, and now it’s here: Little Kuriboh has uploaded Literal Pants, a literal version of the fan favorite Leather Pants song, complete with lyrics! Stream it on YouTube or Blip.tv, or download the AVI or M4V version from Blip.tv!

In more solemn news, about 11 hours ago, the northeast coast of Japan was rocked by a catastrophic earthquake near the city of Sendai. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that demolished the adjacent coastal region and sent tsunami warnings to neighboring countries, all the way to Hawaii, Alaska, and the West Coast of the United States. On Twitter, DICE-kun, an employee at Kazuki Takahashi’s Studio Dice in Tokyo, described the tremors to be more violent than anything he had ever experienced. He followed up that everything was okay at his location, 180 miles south of Sendai.

Not everyone has been as fortunate, however. If you have a loved one in the affected region and haven’t been able to reach them, Google Person Finder is up and is collecting information on the whereabouts of the survivors. If you yourself are near the devastation, be careful out there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Little Kuriboh has shown interest in doing some kind of charity event to benefit those who have been affected by this tragedy once his YouTube account returns. He might also run an event in the meantime with Team Four Star. Stay tuned.

Leather Pants

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