[YGO: TAS] A Brief History of Tristan, EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL), & More

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Tristan killed the dinosaurs. Dr. Who is not pleased. From LK's video A Brief History of Tristan

Feeling down because CardGamesFTW got axed from YouTube? Don’t be! Little Kuriboh has released a lot of fun stuff since Saturday’s unfortunate incident.

First up is A Brief History of Tristan. Amidst a soothing backdrop of “Ave Maria,” Tristan tells his life story, but ends it on a rather abrupt and heavy note. Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans, you don’t want to miss this. LK has uploaded the video to his Ninjabridge channel on YouTube, as well as to Blip.tv.

Next is EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL), also available on YouTube and Blip.tv. Is it weird that I think this “EXTREME~!” angle is a completely viable way of marketing the series to the American audience? With all of the technological development and crazy hair in the foreground of the show, I think it’s possible that kids could really respond to this kind of approach. It’s fresh, it’s loud, it’s funny, and most importantly, it pulls you in. LK, I think you’re on to something here. I’m not even joking. C’mon, 4Kids, get this realized and into some focus groups!

Both A Brief History of Tristan and EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL) feature art by indecisivepancake and can also be downloaded via Blip.tv in AVI and M4V formats.

Last night, Little Kuriboh’s project with the new iRiff group The Infinite Losers went live! Their riff of Death Note (the live-action film) captured the #1 iRiff spot a whole day before it was even released! Whoa! Check it out, as Kyle Hebert is in it! On Twitter, LK notes that although there are currently no plans for a second iRiff, they may put out another one in the future if this one receives a good response.

LK also uploaded an MP3 of “Gimme That Chin” last night, a song that’s undoubtedly been burned into the brains of his live stream viewers.

And last but not least, Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show now has its own official Facebook page! The biggest announcement that’s come forth since the page was set up on Saturday is that episode 6 of NTACFSSS has been scripted. In a bulletin post on Ninjabridge, LK also notes that the episode could even be finished before YGOTAS episode 51! Excitement! A preview of a new NTACFSSS song (from the episode?) will be streamed later tonight on blogTV.


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  1. Do you have any idea who sings/plays this version of Ave Maria? I’ve been looking everywhere but I cant find it. Thanks

  2. Sorry, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask LK about this one. It’s definitely a great version of the piece!

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