Yu-Gi-Oh! Language Preferences? Plus, Another Facebook Fan Drive

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Yami Marik mocking Yugi during a duel in episode 139
Speak up!

Enquiring minds behind the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Page on Facebook want to know:

Do you prefer to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes:
1. In English
2. In Japanese with English subtitles
3. With Little Kuriboh doing all of the voices

Okay, that third option isn’t really on there. But anyway, vote, vote, vote! Why the new poll? Might something nice be in store for dub and sub fans? Who knows…

One thing is certain though: something nice is definitely on its way to Toonzaki.com! The Toonzaki crew recently launched the Toonzaki Fan Drive 2011! When the official Toonzaki Facebook page earns 2011 “Likes,” they will begin announcing “stuff.” Oh? Could it be Yu-Gi-Oh!-related? Like uncut, subbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX? (Yes, this is coming.) The arrival of classic Yu-Gi-Oh! on Hulu? (Yes, this is also coming.) Something else? Something even bigger…?

Toonzaki’s first Facebook fan drive took place last September, where a mere 300 “Likes” earned us subbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s! That was a roaring success, with the page earning that many new fans and more overnight.

How long will it take for the Toonzaki Fan Drive 2011 to reach its goal? They’re currently about 640 fans away! Maybe the crew could motivate the crowd by dropping some subtle hints of what “stuff” is waiting in the wings. Start with one hint to whet our appetites, then offer up one more for every 200 fans earned. That would be a reasonable deal.

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