[YGO: TAS] Little Kuriboh Talks 2011 & More on 91.8 The Fan

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Yugi holding a special card from Pegasus in episode 148

What’s this about Little Kuriboh working on a new audio project with some professionals? He’s been planning a special short OVA project with other abridgers, too? What conventions will LK be visiting this year? Why was CardGamesFTW banned from YouTube? And what’s this about a Christmas Let’s Play video featuring Bakura that never got made?! Little Kuriboh tells all when he visited 91.8 The Fan yesterday for a new interview and to celebrate the Internet radio station’s one-year birthday! Kirbopher also pops in, joining LK and host Kanashimi to reminisce about their favorite 91.8 interviews and chat about video games, movies, and fandom.

Check it out! You can download an MP3 of the interview via MegaUpload (Note: See the update below), which I’ll keep here until 91.8 The Fan uploads their official copy, probably by the end of the week. Many thanks goes to Fox for preparing this recording.

Be sure to listen to the very end, where Little Kuriboh and Kirbopher prepare meticulously to record a commercial bumper for the radio station, only to have LK hilariously foul it up. Don’t worry, LK, no one’s getting fined for profanity. The government doesn’t regulate Internet radio!

Little Kuriboh first appeared on 91.8 The Fan almost exactly one year ago. This latest session joins my list of interviews and Q&As with LK.

Update: That was fast. The interview has been posted on 91.8 The Fan’s website!

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