[NTACFSSS] The Twelve Days of Ninjas

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The Hokage in The Twelve Days of Ninjas

Little Kuriboh has uploaded a new Naruto: TACFSSS video, and no, he’s not trolling in this one (though someone else might be)! Instead, the video features a new song — a Christmas song! Yay! Check out “The Twelve Days Of Ninjas” on YouTube. It’s not up on Blip.tv as of this writing, so it’s not available for download. Bummer. A festive song by LK is certainly worthy of downloading!

By the way, that “Naruto The Abridged Movie” in the video… Yes, the one that LK made fun of back in October last year when it was first announced and again a month later when its guest stars were revealed… It’s actually supposed to be released today. Seriously! Keep your eyes on Vegeta8639’s channel.

If you’re looking for something different, check out some “Let’s Play” videos by Little Kuriboh. They’re uploaded on ObeyMyRod, the YouTube account of Marik Sebastian Ishtar III (yes, that Marik Sebastian Ishtar III). Two are available so far: Marik playing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines for the PC, and LK playing Red Hawk for the Commodore 64.

These Let’s Plays aren’t available for download from Blip.tv, as their service doesn’t accept gameplay videos.

Why did he not upload these onto Marik’s original account, FearMyRod? “I forgot the password to FMR,” wrote LK in ObeyMyRod’s channel comments. Doh. I wonder if that’s the case for all of those other YGOTAS character accounts.

Update (December 16): Naruto The Abridged Movie didn’t go up yesterday and it looks like it won’t be appearing today either. I’m sure this is a complete and utter surprise to everyone! It also looks like LK rediscovered the password for FearMyRod…

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