Coming Spring 2011: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

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Yuugi collapses in dismay in episode 118

Early details about the fourth series of Yu-Gi-Oh! have emerged! Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal will debut in the spring of 2011 on TV Tokyo! A manga version of the new series will also begin serialization at the same time.

Taking place in the near future, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (pronounced like “Zale,” as in the name of the popular jewelry retailer) will follow students Yuuma Tsukumo and Ryouga Kamishiro, along with a mysterious being named Astral who appears during the pair’s duel.

Kazuki Takahashi is credited with the series’ original concept and character designs.

These latest revelations are thanks to a few early scans of the upcoming issue of V Jump magazine, via ANN. Initial details about the production of a new Yu-Gi-Oh! series were previously announced in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, and further details are set to be released in February.

Some fans are already proclaiming Yuuma (遊馬), the protagonist of the new story, to be a fusion (or love child?!) of Yuugi (戯) and Kaiba (海). Please, no. Little Kuriboh, meanwhile, notes that “Zaxel” is more like “a bad scrabble hand.”


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  2. Heh, you never know…

  3. Fourth series? Fine, but the main character… his design is a big disappointment for me. Same as the fifth gen. of Pokémon.

    Hope the rest of the characters would look better.

  4. It’s the hair, isn’t it? Some people are screaming bloody murder over the “shrimp hair.” ;D

  5. Hair, face, too stuff on his chest…

  6. Is it really pronounced zale, some sites are saying it’s zeal?

  7. @Eskaite
    Ah, his chest. He’s wearing some crazy vest. Crazy hairstyles and crazy clothes: gotta love the Yu-Gi-Oh! world! Oh well, people are going to cosplay as Yuuma eventually, crazy vest and all.
    It’s not pronounced “zeal,” but I didn’t say it was pronounced “zale” either. I said it was pronounced like “zale.” As far as I know, “Zexal” is a made-up word and there’s no real English equivalent. So, I wanted to give an English term that’s both familiar to others and that comes close to how it’s written in Japanese. Hmm, maybe some IPA will be helpful. Here’s a broad transcription:
    zeal: [zil]
    zale: [zeɪl]
    Zexal (ゼアル): [zeaɺɯ]
    I’m sure the name of the show will be more clear to all of us once it’s mentioned in a commercial. I think it’s worth noting that while “Zexal” might be pronounced a certain way in Japanese, that might not carry over if the series hits these shores. Maybe “Zexal” actually means something that can be expressed using a real English word or a variation of an English word. Or maybe the English pronunciation will simply be “zeal,” or something else entirely.

  8. Way to NERD OUT ON US

  9. Uhhhhhh wtf, so confusing, will they change it for the dub?

  10. @Jake
    Haha, yup! :)
    I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the series were given a more intuitive name/pronunciation combination. Maybe it’ll simply be called “Yu-Gi-Oh! Zeal.” The more I look at it, the more I think “Zexal” is just supposed to be the English word “zeal.” It would make sense, given its Japanese pronunciation. But why is that “x” in there? If it were only in the series’ logo, I would say that the “x” is just a decorative design, but it’s included when the name of the show is written out, too. Weird.

  11. They put online a trailer :

    Here’s a very rough translation for those who are interested :

    – Kings of Duellists!
    – A new hero will now make his appearence to succeed their will.
    – Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (pronounced : “ZEARU”)
    – The name of the one who will succeed the Kings of Duellists will is “Yuuma Tsukumo”.
    – Inside his heart burns a indestructible challenge spirit.
    – But, all of a sudden, a mysterious life-form, Astral, appears before him.
    – Where does he come from? What his purpose is?
    – Wrapped of complete mystery, the only known thing is that Astral is a duel genius.
    – Will the encounter of those two able them to open the door of infinite possibilities?
    – What future is awaiting them?!
    – Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (pronounced : “ZEARU”)


  13. @Ouji-
    Cheers for a mysterious life form who plays a trading card game! Jeers for being a “genius” at it, since that all but guarantees his victory in every duel. :P
    Adding an “x” in the middle of a word is the coolest type of cool!

  14. I guess that means that Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s is ending soon…
    I hope that Zexal will be a good series. I heard that the main character uses a Warrior-type deck.
    Looks Kazuki Takahashi changed his mind when he said he wanted 5D’s to be final series!

    Thanks for the post! ^_^

  15. I loved the first yu gi oh ! no the others . For me yu gi oh zexal is a copy of the first yu gi oh.

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