Production of New Yu-Gi-Oh! Series to be Announced in February 2011

December 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Bonds Beyond Time, Japanese, Other Stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh!, ZEXAL | 7 Comments

Jounouchi screaming in horror in episode 205

A fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! series is in the works! Production of the new series will be formally announced at a special encore screening of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th anniversary movie on February 20, 2011 in Yokohama, Japan.

This news bite comes from a scan of the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, via ANN. The magazine will be raffling off 110 pairs of invitations to the event.

Another Yu-Gi-Oh! series?! Gasp. Who didn’t see this coming? How are they going to outdo “card games on motorcycles”?


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  1. OMG, are you serious?! Kazuki Takahashi said it himself, “5Ds is the last one”. Lies! (That, or he’s not going to be involved at all in the new one.) Yugioh makes too much money, but i’m still happy and surprised.

  2. Really I’m looking forward to another series, maybe one to cover the gap between Duel Monsters and GX, sense after all Yugi did say in the end of DM, that is was the start of his real story and the only thing we know is that he plays a Chaos variant of His and Atem’s hybrid deck.

    Also why do so many people have to crack on 5Ds with the motorcycles, its a hell of a lot better than GX. Which by the way only really got good in the final seasons.

  3. As long as money from the trading card game continues rolling in, I think there will always be some incentive to develop more Yu-Gi-Oh!-related anime series. I’m thrilled that the franchise is so successful, but I personally don’t know how interested I’d be in the new series. A show featuring the original characters would be exciting, though I’d be a bit anxious if Takahashi himself weren’t involved with such a project. And even if he were…

  4. If only the R manga got produced… They probably have something else in mind, though.

  5. Yeah, if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that the new series will be highlighting the latest cards. Those in Yu-Gi-Oh! R might be “too old.”

  6. What could be better than ‘card games on Motorcycles?’ Card games in space perhaps? Let’s hope there’s a little more imagination than that though…


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