[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 206-209, English dubbed

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Yugi comforting the fallen pharaoh in episode 207

Episodes 206 through 209 of Yu-Gi-Oh! were made available today on 4Kids’ YouTube channel. The addition of these four dubbed episodes brings us to the halfway point of Yugi and his friends’ adventures in ancient Egypt!

After attacking Aknadin, Bakura escapes into the city with his Diabound, wreaking havoc on the civilians and drawing the pharaoh out for a battle. With Slifer and Ra at his command, the pharaoh takes on the thief and appears to gain the upper hand, but things take a dramatic turn when time suddenly starts flowing backwards! Later, Aknadin takes Seto’s plans for gaining more power to the next level, pitting prisoners against each other in a subterranean battleground and dragging Kisara into the mix. Then, the pharaoh and his men head to Bakura’s hideout at Kul Elna, a deserted village with a dark secret…

A big confrontation between the pharaoh and Bakura is looming! Tune in and get ready! Direct links to these episodes are on my dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! streams page.

Today, November 30, is the day the Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes were set to expire from YouTube. As it stands, episodes 1 through 197 were made private this morning, but episode 198 and onward are still available. Huh? When I first noticed that the episodes above 197 were not marked for expiration (back when the Yu-Gi-Oh! page in YouTube’s Shows destination had not yet been taken down and such information was still available), I thought that this was simply an oversight. Looking at it now, it seems to have been intentional. What’s so unique about the final episode of the Grand Championship saga and the Capsule Monsters and Dawn of the Duel episodes that allows them to remain available for viewing? No matter, enjoy these while they’re still on YouTube! Who knows when they might disappear!

The SCREW THE RULES I HAVE GREEN HAIR shirt and hoodie design

Elsewhere on the Internet, Little Kuriboh returns with a new video: “CYBER MONDAY!” Stream it (on YouTube, Blip.tv) or download it, then check out the all YGOTAS goods on Shark Robot! Cyber Monday might have ended yesterday, but they have a sale running through the week, and you don’t even need to be named Steve to take advantage of it! If Black Friday already drained your bank account, have a look at the video anyway and rock out to Little Richard!

While you’re at it, check out “Lip Service,” another video featuring the Hokage and that annoying sensei guy that LK uploaded a few days ago. In their latest troll-errific meeting, Iruka lobs some pretty odd criticisms about YGOTAS at the Hokage. Don’t like those immaculately accurate mouth flaps that LK painstakingly creates? You’ve got a friend in Iruka! Yep…

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