[YGO: TAS] Little Kuriboh interviewed on Show Me Your News!

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Show Me Your News invited Little Kuriboh and Kirbopher for an interview

Little Kuriboh and Kirbopher appeared as guests in the latest episode of the Show Me Your News! podcast. The duo sat down for an hour-long interview on Saturday for the video game-focused podcast. Program host Youko, joined by Cyberlink420, asked LK and Kirbopher about their recent experiences at Youmacon and about the games they’ve been playing, as well as the ones whose upcoming releases they are most excited about.

Little Kuriboh also spoke excitedly about his upcoming plans for Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. The next episode, number 51, is in the works and will be titled “The Death of Tristan Taylor.” With this episode, LK hopes to mold Tristan into a more prominent and serious main character, a change that he hopes will “stick around until the end of the series.” He also talked about this next Naruto: TACFSSS project, called “Troll 3: The Quickening” (uh oh, more trolling?), along with his plans for the Plushie Doom webcomic and Season 0 Abridged.

The podcast was released yesterday evening and is available for streaming and downloading. This podcast has also been added to my list of interviews and Q&As with Little Kuriboh.

It’s been a few months since I last followed one of LK’s interviews. Ever since he began crisscrossing the globe to visit anime conventions, it’s no longer been a rarity to see LK in a sit-down environment talking about himself and answering fans’ questions. I guess I’ve found less of a need to seek out and follow his conversations, not because the novelty has worn off or I’m no longer interested, but because he’s made himself so available to others. Fans who have ever wanted to meet Little Kuriboh and ask him a question directly have had so many more opportunities to do so this year than in 2009 when he did his first interview! Hopefully, there will be many more opportunities in the coming year as well.

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