[4Kids-YouTube] Sonic X #1 in Animation & Cartoons

November 15, 2010 at 5:45 pm | Posted in 4Kids, Other Stuff | Leave a comment

Sonic X is the most popular show in the Animations and Cartoons category on YouTube

Today, 4Kids’ Sonic X climbed to the top of the popularity chart for YouTube’s Animation & Cartoon Shows, taking the coveted #1 spot! This is, as far as I know, the first time the series has ranked as the most popular show in its category.

In the past few months, Sonic X has consistently placed in the top 5 on a daily basis, but never did I think it would surpass Salad Fingers, Robot Chicken, and Red vs. Blue in the same day! The recently released Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo webisodes have skyrocketed in popularity and have already landed at #5, making it a fierce contender for the top spot. Our familiar favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! is also doing well today, coming in at #10.

Uncut, subtitled episodes of Sonic X continue to hit Hulu/Toonzaki on a more-or-less weekly basis. The releases on YouTube are a little bit behind, but have been catching up recently. Is the subbed version of the show what’s been pushing it to the top of the charts? Or is the far-reaching appeal of Sonic what makes it so hot?

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