[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 178-181, English dubbed

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A close-up of Dartz in episode 178
What if corporate America really was populated by ancient occultists who masquerade as company presidents and who seek the “cleansing” of all civilizations on Earth?

Yami and Kaiba are locked in combat against the madman Dartz! But no duel against a supreme villain would be complete without an exposé of his history and motives strewn in between turns. Of course not! Presenting Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes 178 through 181, added today to 4Kids’ YouTube channel!

Ten-thousand years ago, Dartz, the king of Atlantis, ruled over a utopian society. One ominous day, stones of the Orichalcos rained down from the heavens, imparting upon his people a resource that allowed them to develop amazing technologies, but that also reflected their inner greed and wickedness by transforming them into monsters. Against the advice of his father, Dartz refused to destroy the Orichalcos stones, instead using their powers to ally himself with a beast from the depths of the Earth: the great Leviathan. With it, he waged war against his father’s army and all peoples he deemed wicked — a war that would ultimately sink Atlantis and seal away the Leviathan. Millennia later, while wandering the Earth, a fateful encounter with the pharaoh and his Egyptian Gods brings Dartz to realize that the pharaoh’s powers could one day be used to revive the Leviathan. In the present era, Dartz enlists the aid of a certain three individuals by manipulating the events in their lives, bringing forth the tragedy and rage necessary for them to seek solace in Dartz and to tap into the full power of the Orichalcos.

Now, the pharaoh, Kaiba, and Dartz are moments away from what could be the return of the Leviathan! But with several powerful Orichalcos monsters on his side of the field, along with the dreadful Mirror Knights, is Dartz too much for our heroes to handle?

The dramatic conclusion draws near! Direct links to all these episodes are on my page for streaming dubbed episodes and YouTube’s Shows section.

Good news from the world of the Abridged! Little Kuriboh reports that his Naruto panel (a.k.a. the NTACFSSSCPFTGH) at Youmacon this weekend is back on, though it will be “watered down.” Youmacon’s website currently lists a Saturday afternoon time slot for his Naruto panel and a Sunday afternoon booking for his Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged panel in its tentative schedule. Stop teasing everyone, LK!

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