[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 171-177, English dubbed

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Valon reacting to Joey's Graverobber stealing one of his cards in episode 172
Joey vs. Valon: cosplay mania!

No big surprises this quiet week. 4Kids has made another seven dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes available on their YouTube channel. First are episodes 171, 172, and 173, added on Tuesday. Joey and Valon are locked in combat, with both dueling for Mai’s sake and seeing the other as an obstacle! Valon, with his Armor, seems to always stay one step ahead of Joey’s strategy. Not to be outdone (or outdressed!), Joey reveals that his deck is packed with his own spiffy suits — Aura Armor and Lord of the Red! But how will these fare against Valon’s high-tech armament? After the duel, some thoughtless words from Mai lead Joey to realize how greatly the powers of the Orichalcos have influenced her. The only way to save her now is with a duel! But how can Joey fight when he’s so exhausted from his last duel that he can’t even see straight?

Next up are episodes 174 through 177, added today. The pharaoh learns the outcome of the two previous duels. Enraged, he rushes to the headquarters of Paradius to confront Dartz, but is instead met by Rafael. With Rafael still preaching an agenda of cleansing the world, the pharaoh realizes that they’ll have to duel again if he wants to save his friends. This time, the stakes are much higher, as the great Leviathan needs only one more strong soul in order to return their world! What will Yami’s strategy be this time against Rafael’s battery of Guardian monsters? Later, our heroes at last arrive at Dartz’s lair on a remote island and come face to face with the villain himself. They learn that Dartz has been collecting souls for 10,000 years so that the Leviathan may be reborn! The pharaoh and Kaiba team up to stop him, but Dartz is full of surprises…

We’re approaching the endgame! Catch up on all of the season 4 episodes: check my page for streaming dubbed episodes or YouTube’s Shows section for the links!

Some slightly bad news has surfaced from the Abridged front. Little Kuriboh has had to cancel his Naruto panel at Youmacon next weekend. Indeed, a glance at the tentative schedule recently released on Youmacon’s website shows only a YGOTAS panel. Aww. Well, LK does say that he’s going to give it his all at his panel, so hopefully that means he’ll push to do everything that he wants to do and leave no new content unshown! Good luck, LK!

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