[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 168-170, English dubbed

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Everyone getting a bit of bad news from Professor Hawkins in episode 169

You know things aren’t going too well when Dartz has taken over Kaiba Corp. and real monsters are overrunning cities across the globe! Even the police are being controlled by the power of the Orichalcos! Yami, Kaiba, and the rest of the gang begin planning their next move. Kaiba’s men arrive at the Florida museum housing Professor Hawkins’ research and transmit images of the Atlantean ruins to the gang. Yami and Kaiba head to Kaiba Corp. headquarters to analyze them and uncover a link between Atlantis and the secret financial organization Paradius — and its president, Dartz! Meanwhile, Valon lures Joey into a duel, intent on defeating him and winning over Mai once and for all! Does Joey have the drive to stand up against Valon and his Armor?

Check out all the action in Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes 168, 169, and 170, made available today on 4Kids’ YouTube channel! Links to these dubbed episodes are of course on YouTube’s Shows portal and my page for streaming dubs.

Have you checked out Toonzaki.com recently? The anime video portal has been open for one month and is up to 98 series in their collection! Toonzaki is now calling for submissions of witty taglines for any of their shows! If your favorite show doesn’t have a tagline, or you think your promos can thrash any of theirs, why not submit your own? Your entries could be displayed on the Toonzaki homepage!

At some point, they simply must use “Card Games on Motorcycles!” for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and put Little Kuriboh in the annals of 4Kids history. Just sayin’. ;)

Turkey Legs in Little Kuriboh's Ninja Community Awards IV video
The first time I saw Turkey Legs, I thought he was wearing a beanie.

In other news, Turkey Legs is back with a new announcement: the fourth annual Ninja Community Awards (lol) will be held at Youmacon 2010! And in related news that I previously forgot to post, Little Kuriboh has confirmed that he will be premiering two (yes, two!) new episodes at Youmacon! We already had a pretty good idea that episode 50 of YGOTAS would be shown, but this revelation from Turkey Legs, along with LK’s previous news about a NTACFSSSCPFTGH, makes the appearance of a new Naruto: TACFSSS episode almost certain! But wait! A few recent bizarre Tweets cast some doubt on that prediction. At the same time, knowing LK, those could apply to either YGOTAS or NTACFSSS. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see. Excitement!

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