[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 153-155, English dubbed

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Valon and Rafael watch as Mai tries to finish Joey off in episode 153

It’s bad news all around in episodes 153, 154, and 155. Mai’s Harpie Lady-themed strategy has whittled Joey’s life points down to almost nothing! Joey counters by combining Time Wizard and Hermos, but is frustrated with the result and doesn’t know how to use it. Later, Rafael’s thugs kidnap Professor Hawkins and destroy his laboratory in an attempt to lure the pharaoh into a duel! How will our heroes overcome these new challenges? Check out these latest dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes added earlier today to 4Kids’ YouTube channel! Direct links to the episodes are on my streaming Yu-Gi-Oh! dubs page and YouTube’s Shows portal, as usual.

In other news, Little Kuriboh released what’s probably the last of the Iruka and Hokage videos (for now anyway) to his Ninjabridge account on Sunday. “Youmacon 2010 – October 28th to 31st” rags on some guy who makes parodies of Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes. Yep… But more importantly, LK used this video to sneak in some new information: his appearance at Youmacon 2010 will include a NTACFSSS Convention Panel Fun Time Gathering Hour (or NTACFSSSCPFTGH for short). Could this mean that a new episode of NTACFSSS will premiere at the NTACFSSSCPFTGH?!

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