[YGO: TAS] YGO Cosplay Challenge! / C’est une série abrégée!

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Bakura and Marik's number 10 most wanted obscure cosplay is mind-crushed Seto Kaiba

Here are two new videos from Little Kuriboh! The first is “YGO Cosplay Challenge!” (on YouTube, Blip.tv). Uploaded yesterday, this video features Bakura and Marik listing their top 10 most wanted obscure Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplays. LK also takes a moment to announce that he will be attending Youmacon 2010, where there will be a “YGOTAS 50th Episode Anniversary Party”! Kroze, Team Four Star, and Vic Mahna Mahna Mignogna will all be there, too. Let’s see how many of those top 10 cosplays make it to the convention!

A French Kuriboh card
Un Kuriboh français.

The second video was uploaded this morning and is titled “C’est une série abrégée!” (YouTube, Blip.tv). It’s episode 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged… in French! Yay, I’ve been waiting for this to get uploaded! This video was shown at this year’s AnimeNEXT, Anime Evolution, and probably a bunch of the other cons as well (anyone know which ones?). I was wondering why he hadn’t posted it yet and why no one had been asking about it, but in any case, here it is!

Both videos are also available for download via Blip.tv.

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