[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 141-148, English dubbed

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Rafael challenging Yugi to get the Egyptian God cards back in episode 145
“I came… to this city… to give you a message…”
The predecessor to New Domino City’s infamous Card Games on Motorcycles.

More dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes have hit 4Kids’ YouTube channel! Episodes 141 through 144, added last Thursday, bring us the nail-biting conclusion to Yugi and Marik’s duel and the Battle City tournament! Spirits remain high as friends and rivals part ways, and everyone looks back on their experiences in Battle City. Episodes 145 through 148, added this morning, then takes Yugi and his friends to the fourth season of the show and introduces a whole new threat to the world! Keep on fighting, Yugi!

You can find links to these episodes and more on YouTube’s Shows section for Yu-Gi-Oh! and my page for streaming dubbed episodes!

An empty cardboard box
(From Wikipedia)

Over in the crazy world of Little Kuriboh is another new Naruto Abridged video: Ninja Soul! I dunno about this, guys… These in-jokes are getting pretty freakin’ wacky!

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Me thinks Iruka shouldn’t have invented that BOAARX… Yep…

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