[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 129-134, English dubbed

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Yugi and Kaiba are shown a vision of the origins of their destiny in episode 132

What a busy week this has been for 4Kids! First, their YouTube channel saw three dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes added on Tuesday, then three more added yesterday. The six-part “Clash in the Coliseum” event in episodes 129 through 134 showcases the exciting rematch between Yugi and Kaiba! Brawling Egyptian Gods, wild visions of ancient Egypt, and plenty of nail-biting moments… this duel has it all!

Head over to my index for streaming dubbed episodes or to the Shows portal on YouTube for all the links.

Episode 151 from the fourth season was also made available on YouTube, seemingly accidentally. I won’t yet add a link to it in my index though since in the past, prematurely released episodes have always ended up being made private anyway when the mistake was discovered.

Toonzai on The CW4Kids logo

4Kids also ordered up a special preview this week of Toonzai’s Fall lineup on The CW! This year, The CW is apparently the only broadcast network that’s offering a preview of their children’s programming. Airing yesterday afternoon on most affiliates, the half-hour sneak peek was narrated by Sonic the Hedgehog and gave viewers a look at what shows will be on the morning block come September 18. Fan favorites Sonic X and Dinosaur King will be returning, as will Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulers of the Duel! All new are Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: Road to Destiny as well as the broadcast TV premiere of Dragon Ball Z Kai! Cubix, which was originally picked up by Kids’ WB in 2001 and then rerun on the Fox Box for the 2003-2004 season, will be here to entertain a new generation of kids. For the full schedule, check your local listings.

And lastly, earlier this week, 4Kids.TV saw a massive overhaul that incorporated the new Toonzai label and many new features, including an expanded video library. More about this revamp will be written shortly.

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