4Kids.TV Redecorates: Toonzai.com

September 4, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Posted in 4Kids, Other Stuff | Leave a comment
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A new look for 4Kids.TV, now also Toonzai.com

Earlier this week, 4Kids unveiled a new look for its 4Kids.TV website! Now outfitted with the new Toonzai brand (and accessible via Toonzai.com as well), the website boasts a sleek redecoration and a number of revamped features, including new avatar customizations and game challenges.

Of particular interest to me and others is their video library, which is currently still under construction. As you might remember from the ANN interview, Mark Kirk, the head of 4Kids’ Internet endeavors, described a relocation of the videos currently on 4KidsTV.com to 4Kids.TV. The conversion of 4Kids.TV into the storehouse for all of their kid-friendly shows has already begun and, in my opinion, still needs some work.

Whereas the text-based episode selection menus on 4KidsTV.com were simple to use, navigating the Flash-based episode selection menus on 4Kids.TV is awkward at best. It doesn’t help that episodes aren’t numbered in those menus. The way the menus are arranged, while decent for organizing a few short video clips and previews, seems ill-suited for listing all of a show’s episodes. Over on the sidebar, there’s a “Platinum Player” and a “Program Picker” that haven’t yet been released. There’s no description about what these might be, but if their names are of any indication, they can hopefully be used to improve the video selecting and viewing experience.

You would also expect that a show’s “Episodes” page would link the listed episodes to their respective videos. And yet, these pages seem only to serve as mini episode guides. For shame! It’s a missed opportunity to get people to watch an episode while they’re reading its description!

The site did just go live, however, so I’ll cut them some slack this one time. ;)

There’s currently no word on what will happen to 4KidsTV.com once the videos complete their migration to 4Kids.TV. That website’s services might eventually just be phased out. Hopefully, the video links there will redirect visitors to the videos’ new home on 4Kids.TV. Otherwise, there are going to be a lot of dead links.

What do you think of 4Kids.TV’s renovations and their new video section? Give the website a go and let them know your opinions! Now, while the site’s face-lift is still in progress, is the best time to speak up!

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