[YGO: TAS] Kroze vs LittleKuriboh – Live @ Anime Vegas

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Live at Anime Vegas 2010: Little Kuriboh duels Kroze

As previously mentioned, Little Kuriboh will be at Anime Vegas this weekend! Yesterday, LK further revealed that he’ll be playing his first public Yu-Gi-Oh! game by challenging Kroze at the con, with the loser to suffer some dreadful consequences!

Anime Vegas’ program was just released earlier this week and LK is scheduled to hold two panels and an autograph session on Sunday! There’s no word on when LK will be dueling Kroze, but it’ll most certainly attract a sizable crowd. Let’s hope for a YGOTAS-styled duel with plenty of Catapult Turtles launching Dragon Champions toward floating castles and shattering flotation rings, which cause collapses on top of some monsters!

Yugi and Joey in Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre: Vampire Stalker Part II

Elsewhere on the interwebs, Bennett the Sage and Little Kuriboh continued their dramatic reading of YamiKaykaMotou’s Vampire Stalker in the most recent episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, also released just yesterday!

When we left the story in part 1, Joey had just learned that he is pregnant and vampire Kaiba’s the father! Now, the duo must search out a vampire doctor for help. All is not well, however, as a mysterious character from Seto’s past isn’t too happy with what he sees and is out for blood! Don’t miss “Vampire Stalker Part II” on Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre with Bennett the Sage, featuring Little Kuriboh!


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  1. so did lk win?

  2. Haha, it depends who you ask. I wrote a sentence or two about the duel in a later post.

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