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Profile of CardGamesFTW, circa October 2007

Today: Another special history lesson.

We all know about Little Kuriboh’s main YouTube channels: CardGamesFTW and Ninjabridge. And in the past, I’ve talked about his “secret” account, IronKuriboh. But did you know that LK has even more YouTube accounts? A lot more, actually! Today, August 30, CardGamesFTW turns three years old. In honor of the anniversary of its creation, let’s take a look at some of LK’s other accounts that many fans have long forgotten, or have perhaps never heard even heard of!

“Marik’s Evil Council of Doom” was an entertaining bonus video released by LK in September of 2007. In the video, the Evil Council decides that the only way to defeat Yugi is by spamming his YouTube profile. An image of that account, with the username CardGamesFTW, was briefly shown. Meanwhile, Dartz and his lackeys, sore at not being invited to Marik’s villainous gathering, separately decide to spam Marik’s YouTube account.

If you actually tried visiting Yugi’s channel, you would have discovered that CardGamesFTW was a real account! The channel greeted you with a video showing Yami getting punched (why would Yugi upload such a thing?!) along with a short video containing only a still image, which was originally used as the channel’s profile photo. Examining the channel’s comments, however, was where the real fun was at.

True to the gag from the video, Marik and the members of his Evil Council had spammed Yugi’s profile! Each member had his own YouTube account:

At first glance, these accounts seemed to contain nothing more than a video meant to be the profile photo, just like in Yugi’s account. However, a closer look at Marik’s channel, FearMyRod, further revealed another collection of spammy comments! Just like they planned, Dartz and his men had spammed Marik’s profile using their own accounts:

Each of these accounts, too, had one short video originally intended as a profile picture. Sadly, none of them had any further comments left by other characters.

Like CardGamesFTW, all of these other YouTube accounts were created on the same day: August 30. Happy anniversary to all 15 accounts!

After “Marik’s Evil Council of Doom” was released, it was commonplace to see Yugi’s profile engulfed with pages and pages of spam from fans supportive of the Evil Council’s schemes. However, because of these copious amounts of spam, the comments from the Evil Council were quickly buried and left unseen by many. Unfortunately, those comments have long been lost.

On the other hand, the spam left on Marik’s profile by Dartz and his henchmen are still very much accessible:

DartzBored Listen up, Marik! Prepare to be defeated by my evil motorcycle riding henchmen!
AlisterHenchman You tell ’em, boss!
CrikeyValon Wotcha!
RaphaelZugZug Zug zug.
FearMyRod Hey! This was OUR idea first, you bunch of copycats!
DartzBored But… we spent ages coming up with this plan! We’re evil and stuff!
FearMyRod You’re dorks. Go play some D&D, you dorks.
DartzBored We don’t play that game!
AlisterHenchman Can I be the Dungeon Master this time, boss?
DartzBored No! I’m the Dungeon Master! … I mean, shut up Alister!

Clearly, Little Kuriboh had a lot of fun with these profiles. By creating actual YouTube accounts for his fictional Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged characters, LK let his fans witness a unique level of real-world interaction between the characters, an experience that hasn’t been replicated in any of his other projects since. What a treat it would be if these profiles were to one day be used again!

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  1. Were you ever able to get the full dialogue of Marik and the Evil Council spamming Yugi’s YouTube channel? I tried to go through all the comments and just couldn’t. Then I tried YouTube comment finders and they didn’t work. Any chance you could email LK for this info?

  2. Unfortunately, I was never able to find the Evil Council’s spammy comments left on Yugi’s channel. You’re aware that I published this post nearly four years ago, right? Now, close to seven years have elapsed since LK wrote those comments. Seven years. They’re certainly long gone by now. I’m actually kind of amazed that you found this post and are looking for those comments. Could I ask what you need them for?

  3. I just wanted it as apart of my collection, to lump a text file next to the episode in my collection, only having half of the transcripts seems well… incomplete :P, and yeah I was aware this was a 7 year post, I tried to use the wayback machine, but it only took me back to 2008 plus I couldn’t scroll down the comments. I tried to ask/look up forums (that’s how I found this old posting), but they only talked about the event happening, they never actually quoted it or screenshot the event, I guess in hindsight it’s one of those Should-of Could-of but Didn’t type of things. I wonder if LK would even remember the dialogue himself, doubt it, and even though he can log into his YouTube account, I think he’d find it near impossible to find those comments as well. Seems like it’s lost forever, sigh.

  4. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. It feels like a piece of Yu-Gi-Oh! history is forever lost. Major bummer. :(

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