[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 117-122, English dubbed

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Noah doing his best pirate impersonation in episode 118
“Arrr! Yer friends be turnin’ to stone, scurvy dog!”

Avast, Noah! Ye be a month too early for Talk Like a Pirate Day! That’s okay. He and everyone else can go and enjoy the dubbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! that 4Kids uploaded to YouTube on Sunday and earlier today!

It’s Yugi’s turn to take on Noah in episodes 117 and 118, but with his friends as a bunch of stiffs and his options quickly running dry, how can he win? Then, in episodes 119, 120, and 121, Gozaburo rears his ugly head as the true enemy of this story arc and unveils his plan to digitize the entire world! Things are never that simple though, as Noah escapes from the virtual world and launches a satellite attack on the central computer that houses everyone’s minds. Meanwhile, Seto and Gozaburo duel to satisfy their egos, and Yugi and friends fight to return to the real world. Finally, in episode 122, it’s back to business as Battle City resumes at last! Joey sings about potatoes in this episode. That is all.

The links for these episodes and more can be found on YouTube’s Shows page and my streaming Yu-Gi-Oh! dubs page. Check out thar links, or ye be a bilge-sucking addle-pate! Arrr!

To all Melburnians and other folks lucky enough to travel to Australia’s cultural capital, don’t forget that Little Kuriboh will be at Manifest this weekend in Melbourne, Australia! (Not like you could forget such a thing if you were planning on attending. :P) Looks like he’s landed and has almost gotten into some trouble already, tee-hee. Don’t mistake Yugi for a baby koala!

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