[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 102-104, English dubbed

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Crump as the Nightmare Penguin Deck Master in episode 103
“Death by penguins!”

Three more dubbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! made it to YouTube yesterday! In episodes 102 and 103, Tea squares off against Crump, the former chief accountant of Kaiba Corp. (hey, I wonder if he knows Chad or Bill over at Industrial Illusions!) and admirer of penguins. Then, in episode 104, it Joey’s turn to duel as he faces legal expert Johnson in court and is threatened with a life sentence in the virtual world! All the while, Noah continues to torment Kaiba and Mokuba with images from their childhood as the pair wanders through his virtual rooms.

As usual, you can find the links for these episodes on 4Kids’ YouTube channel, YouTube’s Shows portal, and my index for streaming English-dubbed episodes.

In unrelated news, Little Kuriboh recently played a large part in an episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, a video series by That Guy with the Glasses team member Bennett the Sage. The monthly series features Sage highlighting “the very best in the very worst” of fanfics. Sage collaborated with LK in the most recent episode: a reading of YamiKaykaMotou’s Vampire Stalker. Sage narrates the Yu-Gi-Oh! Puppyshipping fic (with a vampiric twist, no less) while LK provides the characters’ voices. This episode, similar in style to LK’s own previous reading of a fanfic and the recent readings of lemons on the Wha-Chow! podcast, is not to be missed!

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