[YGO: TAS] Yamifest 2010…! Or is it Manifest?

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Manifest 2010 logo

Wow, Little Kuriboh sure is busy this summer, traveling to so many different anime conventions! The latest is Yamifest 2010, which boasts the “ultimate Yami experience”! All of the panels will be Yami-themed, and every con goer will be cosplaying as Yami Yugi, complete with the wig of course! Huh, that kind of reminds me of those old Kids’ WB Yu-Gi-Oh! commercials where characters from different shows would don a wig of Yugi’s hair. Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that I have preregistered for this event and will be able to bring you a full convention report! I sure hope it doesn’t suddenly get postponed indefinitely, because that would be awful!

…Dur hur. But seriously, later this summer, Little Kuriboh will be attending Manifest, Australia’s longest-running anime convention! LK will be Manifest’s first international guest! Whee, exciting! The convention will take place on August 20 to 22 in Melbourne, Australia. LK’s promo video for the event can be streamed on YouTube or Blip.tv, and is also available for download!

In other news, LK is already on his way to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, which starts this Thursday and runs through the weekend! Later, he’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con, held on July 22 to 25. Yes, this time it really is Comic-Con, not Kami-Con! And at the end of July, LK will make his way to the East Coast to Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland! Whoa, what a killer schedule!

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