[YGO: TAS] The Final Abridged Video Ever: Revisited

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Atem, moments before making his journey to the next world, in episode 224/The Final Abridged Video Ever

Today: Another special history lesson.

Exactly two years ago, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series ended. In a short but memorable video, the pharaoh Dan Green would forever leave his beloved friends and travel to the next world. All the while, Yugi and his companions would become teary-eyed and rock out to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.'” On the official YGO: TAS fansite, there would be a message from Little Kuriboh declaring that his future projects would consist only of Zorc & Pals, and that other abridgers were more skilled than he was anyway. And just like that, LK’s show would languish in the series of tubes that is the Internets.

Or not. Patient and perceptive fans who watched the video to its very end were presented with a message declaring it to be an April Fools’ Day joke. The world could breathe easily again! What a relief!

Or not. Apparently, fans appreciative of the joke were few and far between, or, at the very least, were not loud enough to overshadow their angry and confused compatriots. For shortly after the “ending” of the series was revealed, chaos would ensue. At one point, enraged fans stormed the YGO: TAS site with a DDoS attack, making trouble for LK and the site’s staff. “Trouble” might be putting it too lightly. The people behind the joke were really pissed off!

As Little Kuriboh tells it, what was supposed to be a fun and elaborate prank had turned into a nightmare. In light of what had happened, LK chose to abort the joke on his blog, instead sending a reassuring message that the series was not in fact canceled. Was the hoax a success? Yes, you could say that, but real damage had been done and there was no reason to further fan the flames.

Today, those events of April Fools’ Day 2008 feel like a distant memory. News posts and comments from the event and its aftermath have long disappeared from the YGO: TAS site. Perhaps they were lost in one of the many server crashes that plagued the website in the past. Or maybe the staff would rather not keep remnants of the joke on display, out of concern that new fans of the series might stumble upon them and get the wrong idea. Or maybe they just don’t want to be reminded about the events of that day.

As for the video, it too seems to have been forgotten. The only official place one can still find “The Final Abridged Video Ever” is via the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged torrents. The reasons for why this may be seem more obvious. No video-hosting service would knowingly okay a clip that uses the entirety of Journey’s hit song. Though it had been on Revver, it was removed shortly after the hoax ended and never returned. During Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged’s transition to Blip.tv, “The Final Abridged Video Ever” was one of two videos that didn’t make it to the new hosting service. Combined with the fact that traces of the April Fools’ event are all but gone, awareness and demand for the video are pretty much nonexistent.

In many ways, the events of two years ago were mirrored on a smaller scale early this year when Little Kuriboh premiered episode 46. Was YGO: TAS really canceled?! Even though the end of the video made it clear that it wasn’t over, and even though LK reaffirmed this fact in several subsequent interviews and postings, to this day, many people still believe the contrary. One can only imagine what magnitude of chaos would have emerged if this joke were extended onto the YGO: TAS site.

For the love of Ra, please watch videos all the way through and get your facts straight before raising a ruckus!

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