Hot Steamy Update Action!

March 19, 2010 at 9:34 pm | Posted in Other Stuff | Leave a comment
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Bearded Kuriboh giving a hot steamy update and requesting hugs
“Come over here and let me cut you— I mean hug you! Hugging is what I meant!”

Back with a new vlog update is the rare Bearded Kuriboh, now with 300% more beard! LK talks about the changes to his YouTube channel, his time at Anime Milwaukee, an upcoming visit to Kami-Con, and his desire to hug people. Perhaps the best piece of news is the return of the caption contest on the official YGO: TAS fansite! The weekly caption contest, which hasn’t been done since 2008, might even have prizes to be won! Hmm, I wonder what those could be? Autographed Little Kuriboh paraphernalia perhaps?

And apparently one of the YGO: TAS site’s many URLs is Whaaat! Get Yamipwn’d every time you have the urge to visit the site!

Update (March 21, 2010): The caption contest is now up, along with a short informational video! Check them out!

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