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All Taste Explosion With The Boogaloo Shrimp feat. John Pokemon

Little Kuriboh has added a new entry to his long list of radio and podcast guest appearances! Yesterday evening, LK joined Boogaloo Shrimp (a.k.a. Dennis Daniel) and John Pokémon for a fun-filled interview on the Dennis Daniel Show, part of the All Taste Explosion radio show. The trio talked about the origins of LK’s Abridged Series, what “abridging” means to fans nowadays, the kinds of software LK uses for his productions, and more. LK also answered questions and performed voice requests for some lucky fans who wrote in, and even dropped a possible release date for the debut of Season 3! The show was webcast on Bearcast Radio — the University of Cincinnati’s student radio station — and streamed on Ustream.

The full interview is available for direct download or streaming. (Note: Check the update below.) Other episodes of the All Taste Explosion can be found through their feed or directly from their host, My Podcast.

Hosts John Pokemon and the Boogaloo Shrimp
Hosts John Pokémon (left) and Boogaloo Shrimp during the interview with LK.

Worthy of your attention is episode 5, which features an interview with Eric Stuart, musician and voice actor extraordinaire. Stuart is known to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans as the actor who played Seto Kaiba in 4Kids’ English dub. This was the episode that gave rise to the Kaiba vs. Boogaloo Shrimp verbal warfare alluded to during LK’s interview. It was also why Boogaloo Shrimp summoned Marik and Bakura for help, though the effectiveness of that strategy remains to be seen. ;)

In all seriousness, Eric Stuart was a great sport and gave a fantastic interview about his voice acting and directing experiences and his band, the Eric Stuart Band. Viewers tuning in to the live version of last night’s All Taste Explosion even heard one of the Band’s catchy pieces: “Lovestruck Saturday Night.”

Both Little Kuriboh’s and Eric Stuart’s interviews are worth a listen!

In other recent YGO: TAS news, Bandit Keith made a cameo appearance in the newest episode of The Spoony Experiment. Fittingly, the episode was about America. Captain America, that is.

Update: It has come to my attention that the interview currently archived for streaming and downloading in the links above is an edited version of the interview. For some reason, the original was removed and permanently replaced with the edited version.

If anyone is interested in the original version, I’ve saved a copy here:

There are several — albeit minor — differences between the two versions. Here are some of the more notable changes:

  • Boogaloo Shrimp calls Yami a homosexual at 1:13:06 of the original. This was removed in the edit.
  • Boogaloo Shrimp jokes with Yugi about Yami “checking his Obelisk” at 1:14:15 of the original. This entire discussion was removed in the edit and replaced with sounds of crickets chirping.
  • At 1:19:06 of the original, Kaiba is asked whether summoning a bunch of monsters in one turn is against the rules, to which he responds “Oh, you’re right, I’m very sorry!” This tees off Boogaloo Shrimp, who counters with “What?! No, no! Say it! We got people who want to hear it!” before Kaiba finally utters his trademark line. In the edit, this exchange is removed and Kaiba responds with his trademark line right after being asked.
  • Boogaloo Shrimp reveals that “some of my friends are furries” at 1:20:10 of the original. This was removed in the edit and replaced with the sound of a disc scratch, which makes Joey’s later comment that “you might want to keep that on the down low” somewhat out of place.

How do you know which version you have? Aside from the differing file names, the lengths of the recordings are different, too: the original is 1:23:24, while the edit is 1:22:01.

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