[YGO: TAS] Episode 45 – Requiem For A Nyeh

December 10, 2009 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series | 4 Comments
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Wielding lightsabers, Melvin and Bakura prepare to duel in YGOTAS episode 45

The origin of Melvin is at last revealed in episode 45 of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, released yesterday on YouTube! Clocking in at just a second under 11 minutes, it beats out episode 42 as Little Kuriboh’s longest YGO: TAS episode to date!

In episode 45, “Requiem For A Nyeh,” Ishizu brings to light the events that led Marik become who he is today: his first trip outside, his viewing of the “Kill Your Family Show,” his first yaoi comic… The episode also features a fantastically twisted spoof of Harry Chapin’s number-one hit “Cat’s in the Cradle.”

Towards the end of the episode, Melvin’s true allegiance is revealed, and he and Bakura prepare to face-off using ancient Egyptian lightsabers (Melvin’s appears to rise out of his crotch) to determine the fate of the show! Could the next episode be the last?! LK reminds us that it’ll be premiering at MAGFest 8. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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  1. Not his crotch! *laughs*

  2. Too bad! I thought maybe he was trying his hardest to impress Bakura. ;D

  3. Good like always, but I have one question for you littlekuriboh. Are you planning to release some quality mp3 version of that song which start in 1:20? Thanks for answer and for episode and you ravegrl thanks for all that info you bringing to us.

  4. I think you’re more likely to get a response if you try LK on his LiveJournal or on Twitter. :)
    (By the way, I’m completely with you on your request. I’d love to hear more of the “Starman” and “Cat’s in the Cradle” spoofs. They were awesome!)

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