LK Reads Your Fanfics – “Yami x Leax” by angelself

November 10, 2009 at 5:37 am | Posted in Other Stuff | 2 Comments
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Yami, as depicted by Little Kuriboh, from LK Reads Your Fanfics - "Yami x Leax" by angelself

From the theater of Little Kuriboh comes a dramatic reading of Yami x Leax, an epic tale of vulgarly elegant heroes, confounded lovers, and fated meetings written by the esteemed angelself!

All I can say is… wow. I would not have predicted that LK would work on such a project. And yet it seems so completely appropriate, with LK doing the reading and channeling the essence of the YGO: TAS characters into the fanfic! Adding ridiculous artwork and YouTube annotations with the original story’s text was a great choice and made it even more hilarious.

At the end of the video, LK says that he’d be willing to read any fanfic (as long as it belongs to the submitter, of course). Could this be the beginning of an ongoing series of dramatic renditions? I just hope fans don’t inundate him with intentionally bad fanfics!


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  1. Too late… *is inundated!*

  2. Oh nos! DX

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