Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 43, Fansubbed by Ouji- & Co

October 10, 2009 at 11:36 am | Posted in Duel Monsters, Fansub, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 6 Comments

Mokuba, Jounouchi, and Yuugi in front of a card vendor in episode 43

Another fansub by Ouji- & Co has been released! Yay! Today, it’s YGO DM episode 43, which is the start of a new story arc. Head over to my subbed DM page and check out the latest episode: “Big 5’s Trap! Duel Monsters Quest!”

The unique, modified openings first seen in episodes 41 and 42 continue in this episode, and once again, Ouji- has worked diligently to re-create a clean version with translated English credits. In this episode, the opening shows Kaiba getting into a pod for the virtual adventure game. Read more about the special openings in my previous post for episode 41.

Comparison of the OP in the original version and in Ouji-'s fansub
Left: The modified Japanese OP from episode 43.
Right: Ouji-‘s clean OP with translated opening credits.


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  1. This episode has a somewhat Dragon Quest touch on it.
    A Great work as always by Ouji.

  2. Glad to see you liked it :)

    We’re only working on episode 44 (and also on episode 45) so they will be released soon.

    We are also planning something really BIG for the season 2 (Battle City) once the first season will be over.

    Stay tuned :D

  3. I was thinking “already” but I wrote “only” -.- lol.

  4. Hi there.
    I have two questions. Have Ouji- & Co some own website? Is episodes from 001 – 033 subbed by Ouji- & Co?
    Thaks so much.

  5. Ouji- & Co doesn’t have a website, only a private forum. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing anything — I’ve already posted all of the episodes they’ve ever released.
    Ouji- & Co’s fansubs begin at episode 33. The priority is on releasing the as-of-yet non-fansubbed episodes. Perhaps episodes 1 through 32 will get done someday, but don’t hold your breath. ;)

  6. ravegrl’s blog is the official place to get “Ouji- & Co” fansubs, so we don’t need a website (as soon as one episode is ready, ravegrl put it here, on her blog).

    About 1-32, they won’t be done because there are already subbed :

    01-09 from #yugioh!
    10-32 from dirtydude16

    As “Ouji- & Co” is the continuation of dirtydude16’s releases, we’re started at episode 33, also because one of the main yugioh fansubs problems is that every team start from the episode 1, and so, the series is always stalling during the first season.

    Next year will mainly be dedicated to the season 2 (Battle City), we’ll give the details of what is the big thing we’re planning when the episode 50 will be released.

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