[4Kids-YouTube] A Message from 4Kids IX

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Jounouchi reacting to Shizuka's odd theories in episode 85

In this week’s Q&A With NCOG, the Nameless Cubicle Office Guy reveals some new tidbits about the upcoming subtitled episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

First, it’s been decided that the episodes will be using YouTube’s captioning system to display the English subtitles, at least for now.

We’re going to do closed captioning on YouTube for now. It’s way less time intensive – meaning we can get stuff out quicker to you. It could change down the road depending on the media platform. We’ll keep asking your opinions on stuff as we roll it out.

Great! Saving time is good. Getting the episodes out quickly is good. Plus, there are definite benefits to using soft subtitles that I’ve previously talked about.

If you’ve been watching the subbed test episodes released so far, you may have noticed that the next-episode previews at the end of each video don’t have subtitles. The NCOG has revealed that this is actually not a mistake.

FROM cohenmarioman:

It would have been nice to sub the preview, but this is a TEST, so I assume it is alpha, and beta will come later
NCOG: Previews won’t be subbed for now – sorry.

This is, in my opinion, a strange thing to do and will probably irk the sticklers and completionists out there. Come to think of it, the episodes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncut Edition DVDs completely left out the previews as well. Who’s making these odd editing choices? Luckily, while annoying, it’s not like a lack of subs in the previews is so tragic that it’ll destroy the integrity of the show. :P

Finally, on an different note, the NCOG has shared his thoughts about the legality of Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.

FROM Mattwo:


another question… The DMRA protects parody, but Abridged Serieses still use (c) footage. Does this make them illegal?

NOCG: Nope, it’s parody

When it was revealed that some folks working for 4Kids enjoy watching YGO: TAS, I think fans were all pretty happy (and surprised!). I just hope that this most recent statement by the NCOG doesn’t jinx LK or his series! With the demise of Dragon Ball Z parodist TeamFourStar’s YouTube channel earlier this week, one can never be too sure what might happen to our beloved internet parody videos. :\

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