[4Kids-YouTube] A Message from 4Kids VI

July 30, 2009 at 3:36 am | Posted in 4Kids | Leave a comment

Honda, Otogi, Anzu, and Yuugi stare surprisedly at a laptop monitor in episode 159

A big announcement has quietly slipped into 4Kids’ YouTube channel comments. 4Kids’ Nameless Cubicle Office Guy (NCOG) has revealed a link to their new “official ‘unofficial'” 4KidsTV YouTube Channel Blog! The blog will be used to post important news items and responses to fans’ questions. Check it out here: http://ncog.fanoozle.com/

We finally got our act together to make the blog happen. Keep posting your questions on our YouTube channel just like always. We’ll try to respond as we can – once a week or so. PLUS we’ll post breaking news and info as we get it. There is an FAQ with responses to commonly asked questions. So if your question isn’t directly responded to here, check the FAQ as the answer is probably there. We also might feature comments or questions from our DMs. This is a place to rant about how much we suck, etc. etc. Everything is moderated just like our channel so save the effort.

This is an unofficial blog but we’ve got access to a sympathetic top level exec @ 4Kids who occasionally will respond to questions directly. REMEMBER that this is on the down low and we want to keep the dialogue open with YOU THE FAN. As we’ve typed before, the direction the 4Kids TV YouTube Channel takes will be determined by YOU THE FAN. THX for your support!

The NCOG had mentioned a few days ago the possibility of launching a blog in order to better answer questions from fans.

This is a great step forward and I’m impressed that the NCOG was able to set it up. Who knows how many corporate hoops he had to jump through to make an “official ‘unofficial'” blog happen. There are even links to Little Kuriboh’s YouTube channel and blog in their blogroll!

Using only YouTube’s commenting system, the NCOG’s old comments and responses were always quickly disappearing in a sea of other people’s comments, and he often ended up repeating himself a lot and answering the same questions over and over again. Now that a blog has been setup, the NCOG’s announcements and responses are front and center, making it easy for him to get the news out and for fans to find the information they are looking for. Fantastic!

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