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Jounouchi joking around in episode 41

For your convenience, I’ve decided to create a single post that has links to all of the torrents for Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. These are official YGO: TAS torrents provided by LK and the team over at YuGiOhtheAbridgedSeries.com. They contain only original, high-quality videos made by LK himself, not flash videos ripped from YouTube or Revver. Any new torrents that are released in the future will be added to this post.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series – Torrents
  • Torrent – 01-22, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie (WMV)
  • Torrent – 23-28 (WMV)
  • Torrent – 29 (WMV)
  • Torrent – 33-39 (AVI)
  • Torrent – Christmas Special #1, Cr@psule Monsters 1, Marik’s Evil Council of Doom 1 & 2, The Final Abridged Video Ever, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Other Abridged Movie, Zorc & Pals, Dan Green Presents Abridging 101, Dan Green vs The Spiderwick Chronicles (WMV)

A link to this post has also been added to my YGO: TAS downloads page (under the “Torrents” heading). If a certain video isn’t found here or on that page, then LK hasn’t made the video available for download.


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  1. i tried a lot in search of episodes download for last 1 year.
    finally i got it.

    the yu-gi-oh is the best best best and best cartoon in the cartoons

    i should give 11 out of 10. it have that much ability to gt that much score.

    plz send any related torrents of download the whole series.

  2. Torrent – 33-39 (AVI)
    is wrong somehow.
    It never starts downloading.

  3. The link is working for me right now. Maybe the website was down when you tried it.

  4. I’ve found the dircetlinks so it doesn’t matter now.
    This show is super special awesome, thanks!!

  5. Yeah, the torrents are a nice option, but I like those Blip.tv direct download links. They’re more reliable.

  6. Can you help me? I’m totally hooked.
    When is the next meeting of the Anonymous Abridgedists?
    This is more addictive than the original.
    I have work to do, but I can’t stop watching this.

    Seriously, how do you stop watching?

  7. Haha, I hear ya!

  8. whats wrong with episode 30-32?

  9. An official torrent of those episodes was never released. Any particular reason why you need to grab them via a torrent? You can still stream or direct download those episodes.

  10. nah its all good now thanks for the help, I this love the series

  11. I was just checking, I’m still going to use the direct downloads, but none of the links work for me. They all say “404 Not Found.”

  12. Yes, you’re right. The MegaUltraChicken tracker went down in late December, two or three days before Christmas. I have no idea why it happened, but I’m leaving the torrent links up for now in case it comes back one day.
    But like you mentioned, the torrents have pretty much become obsolete anyway ever since the videos were made available for direct download via Blip.tv. (The only video from the torrents that’s not on Blip.tv is “The Final Abridged Video Ever.” I saved a copy on MegaUpload though, so it’s not a big deal.)

  13. It’s all offline =(

  14. Even if they still worked, the official torrents have long been obsolete anyway. If you really want to download the videos, I recommend using the direct download links instead.

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