[4KidsTV-YouTube] A Message from 4Kids II

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Screenshot from the first YGO DM opening

No new Yu-Gi-Oh! DM episodes were added today to 4Kids’ YouTube channel. They did, however, upload a video of the first Japanese opening, which you can find in their Japanese episodes playlist. The song is called “voice” and is performed by CLOUD.

Other minor updates included fixing some typos and misnamed episodes and adding helpful episode numbers to all of the video titles. By the way, you may have noticed that while the numbering of the Japanese episodes begin with “1,” the numbering of the English episodes curiously begin with “101.” This isn’t a mistake. It’s consistent with the numbering scheme used on the episodes uploaded to their own video streaming site, 4KidsTV.com.

More importantly, a 4Kids representative left another message in their channel’s comment section:

THX to all for the comments and suggestions! We enjoyed the “shock & awe” of your comments here @ YT and across the interwebs…even the nasty ones that we moderate/delete on YT. Appreciate the tips on mislabeled episodes & video/audio quality glitches, tags (who checks tags? WOW but THX), labeling eps, Puerto Rico in US rights coverage (Boriqua n da house), etc. SERIOUSLY THX – we’re on the case – this is a work-in-progress test.

RE: Subtitles, as mentioned before – uuhhhhh…we know. Huge hurdles and road blocks were overcome just to get to this point. Interweb rights issues are extremely thorny and fluid so for now we’re restricted to U.S. residents…& PR. No one sucks – it just is (YT was forced to take down ALL music videos in the UK and it is no one’s fault). For this channel, it might broaden a bit in the coming weeks on a show and country basis.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have few things in the works. BUT if this takes off WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we’ll be able to do more.

Tell your friends to WATCH ON TV & ONLINE, SUBSCRIBE TO US AND ADD US A FRIEND, LINK TO US & PLAYLIST, EMBED VIDS & PLAYERS ON YOUR BLOG & SITES, ETC., ETC.! The success of this will be based on your response and support. THX again and Happy Spring! The Nameless Cubical Office Guy.

Afterwards, he responded to the several dozen questions and comments that had been piling up on their channel since a week ago.

Not a lot of new information was conveyed this time around, but by continually engaging the YouTube community, you can tell that 4Kids really wants this project to work out. So, let’s keep supporting their YouTube channel and the Nameless Cubical [sic] Office Guy! Here’s to more Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes, English subtitles, and increased access of the videos to non-U.S. viewers! Hope it all becomes a reality in the near future!

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