Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Raws – Torrents Available!

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Screenshot from episode 18

In the past, I’ve been asked several times about whether there was a torrent for all of the Duel Monsters raws. Each time, my response was the same: I didn’t know of any. Well guess what? There are torrents!

As it turns out, since the middle of December 2008, a group called Zero-Raws had been scouring Japanese P2P networks for Duel Monsters raws. While I had heard of this group before, I thought that that they released their finds only through fserves or bots on IRC. I only recently found out that the DM raws could be found on the AniRena.com tracker. It feels pretty good to be wrong!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Raws – Torrents

001-010 – [Removed]
011-020 – [Removed]
021-030 – [Removed]
031-040 – [Removed]
041-050 – [Removed]
051-060 – [Removed]
061-070 – [Removed]
071-080 – [Removed]
081-090 – [Removed]
091-100 – [Removed]
101-110 – [Removed]
111-120 – [Removed]
121-130 – [Removed]
131-140 – [Removed]
141-150 – [Removed]
151-160 – [Removed]
161-170 – [Removed]
171-180 – [Removed]
181-190 – [Removed]
191-200 – [Removed]
201-210 – [Removed]
211-220 – [Removed]
221-224 – [Removed]

The raws from these torrents aren’t necessarily the same raws found on the DM raws page. If you want to know whether a certain raw from the torrents is the same as a raw from the DM raws page, a quick (but imperfect) way of doing so is to compare their file sizes (which can found in the torrent’s file list and on the raw’s MegaUpload page).

Enjoy the raws! Don’t forget to seed for as long as you can!

Update (November 6, 2010): Links to unofficial downloads/streams have been removed.


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  1. please, seeds for episodes in 131-140.

  2. I hope someone out there is able to help seed! I don’t have any of these episodes!

  3. I need someone seed episodes 131-140!!
    I already have it 94.9% done.
    It’s almost there.^^


  4. Hiya!
    Wow, thank you so much for uploading these!
    Every other reference I’ve been using were too bad for words, but this is amazing ^^

    Unless I’ve missed something, I see there are no Capsule Monsters episodes. Would that be possible? I realise how hard it is to find HQ Raws ^_^”

  5. Sorry, Capsule Monsters has not been released in Japanese. I’ve written a little bit more about those episodes here.

  6. hey, um, how do i download the torrents? cuz i clicked on the link, and it didn’t give me the option to download it…

  7. Clicking on a link will take you to a page with a description of the torrent. On that page, there’s a picture of an arrow pointing down. Click on it to download the torrent. (AniRena alters their website’s layout every now and then, so this may change in the future.)

  8. ah, yes. thank you. i actually went to another site it recommended and got all the torrents…but they take eons to download! >_<

  9. Someone please seed! This is taking forever! D:

  10. please rise the torrent you are only of the world of internet who have the anime yu-gi-oh!!! in raws please pleaseplease someone seed

  11. I concur. If at all possible could you reupload the raws? If not here then somewhere else would be great. I’ve wanted to fansub/clean up the existing fansub the original season for a while but the only current option for me is to crudely remove the existing subs.

  12. Reup please!

  13. Someone can reup?

  14. Please Reup, please! 80 to 224 -.-

  15. Guys, please do reup these! I’ve missed this show and I’ll never forget it. :(

  16. reup??

  17. Someone reup please?? :'( at least the final season, please?

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