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October 31, 2008 at 2:07 am | Posted in Japanese, Raws, Series 1, Site Updates, Yu-Gi-Oh! | Leave a comment

I was reading the FAQs the other day when I realized how horribly outdated they were. I had written, for example, that I wasn’t interested in adding any Yu-Gi-Oh! media other than Duel Monsters to this site. Since then however, I’ve added the first series and its accompanying movie, along with Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, while also expanding the Duel Monsters collection to include raws. Clearly, an update to the FAQs was in order, so I spent some time cleaning it up and adding a few new items. Glad I got that over with! I don’t want to confuse any new visitors!

Screenshot from episode 53
Clean-up duty.

I also want to address something about Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 1/Season 0 that I had talked about in an older post, but that everyone probably forgot about. (Not me! >_>) I had previously said that a few raws for Series 1 can be found on Janime, but that “the quality isn’t too good, and they might be difficult to work with for anyone who’s interested in fansubbing this series themselves.” At the time, I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to set aside a new page here for those raws and I noted that I would come back to this. Well, I’m coming back to it now. :P

The quality of those raws are bleh. The worst part about it is that the resolution is tiny (352×262 — that’s smaller than what you find on YouTube!). Since they also use old audio/video codecs, these raws must be ancient by digital fansubbing standards. Given all this, and the fact that there isn’t even a complete set of the raw episodes — only half of the episodes have raws — I’ve decided not to put them up. Sorry if you’ve actually been writhing in anticipation during the past two months for these. TV-Nihon’s releases are vastly superior.

Okay, that’s all. What a boring update, huh? I hope I’ll have more stuff for you next time. Have a fun and happy Halloween!

Update (November 1): #yugioh! fansubs’ redirection URL isn’t working anymore, so I’ve edited their links in the blogroll and some other places to point directly to their website. Thanks to Sam for pointing this out.

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