Duel Monsters: The HK Bootlegged Edition

May 26, 2008 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, HK DVD, Japanese, Yu-Gi-Oh! | Leave a comment

There are 224 episodes of Duel Monsters, but not all of them have been English subbed. In fact, fansubs don’t yet exist for most of the episodes. So what are fans of the original, uncensored Japanese versions supposed to do when they run out of fansubs to watch? They turn to the HK bootlegs!

As you can probably guess, the HK bootlegged versions of Duel Monsters come from Hong Kong. Pirates copy the show from Japanese DVDs and TV broadcasts, then put them on region-free DVDs and sell them. All of the HK bootlegged DVDs contain the original episodes with Japanese audio, plus Chinese and English subtitles.

“English subs,” you’re probably saying to yourself. “That’s great!!” Well, not quite. While most of the time, the English subs are okay, you’ll nevertheless frequently run into some horrible English. Take a look this example from episode 84:

Screenshot from HK DVD episode 84

So why do the subtitles have this problem? Because the dialogue was first translated from Japanese into Chinese, and then translated again from Chinese to English. Keep in mind that these DVDs are made by some bootleggers trying to make money, not by some legitimate company or fans who actually care about the show. Don’t worry though. Most of the subs from these HK DVD episodes are actually somewhat understandable. ^_^;;

So, with this introduction to the HK bootlegs, I now invite you to visit the Episodes page, where I’ve added episodes 35 through 97. Some of the episodes were uploaded by me, while others by various members of the Janime Community Forum. Many thanks to artorious05, Aviad, bladeknight, coolykula_00, DARKMASTER, dirtydude16, Ekreth, Gato, latiasfan2004, Shiroki Tenshi, Usako, YamiNOYuugi, and the rest of the Download Forum gang who spent time uploading these episodes!

And, of course, I’ll continue to add episodes as they get fansubbed in the future, taking down any HK DVD version that they replace.

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